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An Outdoor Comic Convention

LoCC Con is a festival that showcases the works of independent, emerging and major comic book creators, animators and action/adventure film makers. It is also a mixture of video game tournaments, EDM DJs, Zombie challenges and Magic the Gathering card competitions. We also know how hungry our patrons get during these conventions so we want you to eat & drink as much as you'd like, it’s delicious & IT'S FREE!

May 2nd 2015 the Veterans Memorial Park in Carmel, NY will host the event. There is NO PARKING so you MUST arrive via our LoCC Con shuttle buses from the Southeast Metro North train station. With that said, there are three components to the convention that are structured in LEVELS just like a video game.

LEVEL #1: POWER UP. This is the opening level where patrons will experience various activities on that section of the park. Only after going through and completing specific activities in that section will you be able to advance to the next section of the park. This level consists of checking out movie shorts from our emerging filmmakers, collecting credits from the indie artists displaying their comics, finding specific Cosplay characters throughout the level and much more. Once you collect the appropriate number of credits can you advance to Level #2.

LEVEL #2: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. In this level you must create a small community of supporters to strategize on how to bypass our slow moving zombies. They are blocking the entrance to the next level of the park where there is food for you to eat. Our zombies can only be taken out by our LoCC Con water balloons or by just outsmarting them by leading them away from the entrance. Who on your team will be the bait? Oh yea, I just remembered, you have to be careful not to assault the Beverage Walkers who are mixed in with the zombies. Don't worry, they are on your side. It is not very easy to see them though through all of the haze throughout this level of the park. Good luck. Once you figure out different ways to get past our zombies without getting eatten then you will advance to the final area of the park.

LEVEL #3: THE FUTURE. This level is where you can finally put your guard down (I think). The gaming tournaments, BBQ Stations, Cosplay Island, VIP Lounges, Instagram Tents and more is your ticket to finally relax. However, there is a BONUS LEVEL that will warp you to EDM Island. Check Twitter for #Cheats to get there.


Of course, throughout the year we have promotional events that support LOCC Con. Follow us on social media to find out when & where they take place. Get your tickets now for LOCC CON! Click the picture below:

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