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An infection has spread across Toronto, Canada and has made its way past the US border into major cities. What you thought was only a fictional TV show was actually a subliminal warning for us to prepare for our survival. The living dead have been hiding in plain sight the whole time and have studied our every habit. They are smart, they are fast and they are coming for us.

It takes a village to raise a child and we have raised zombie children who grew to flesh eating grown adults. They waited and we didn’t know.  The CDC has captured thousands in the area and imprisoned them in a F.E.M.A certified stadium. However, because of the impending apocalypse, martial law has called for all civilians to be quarantined in the only building left free-standing. Incidentally that happens to be the same zombie infected facility. These things have a taste for flesh. They can smell our blood and the stadium has too much of it which gives them an insatiable appetite for human consumption.

The only way to stay alive is for all civilians to work together to eradicate the living-dead in this building. It will take more than the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines; we need civilians to strategize in order to conquer this pandemic.

We are running out of space in the stadium so our mission is to outsmart and lure the zombies off of the field and outside of the stadium where everyone inside will be safe from infection. However, you must avoid physical contact with them at all costs.  If someone gets bitten then it will add another zombie to their legion which will make our extraction efforts futile. We need to organize, we need to plan. We only have three hours before the impending invasion. Keep in mind; they are exerting the same effort to keep us from succeeding.

My group is ready. Is yours?  Let’s fight! 


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