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Pledge Anti-Bully Festival is an end of camp music event that brings celebrity musicians, campers, friends and family members together for a day outdoors which supports our anti-bullying efforts. The event brings together all of the hard work our campers have put in throughout the summer session. They have learned many different components of the industry as it relates to making their "Project Artist" famous.   There are three themes throughout the festival.

Theme A is entitled "Redefining Beauty" which showcases female teens and their mothers.  They will make it a day of taking "selfies" and collectively displaying their willingness to embrace their inner beauty and to not be influenced by what the major magazines and television shows depict as being "beautiful".  Supportive female bands, female DJs, motivational speakers, life coaches and other positive female role models will participate in making this a true day of redefining "beauty".

Theme B is entitled "YouChoose" which showcases strong YouTube personalities (YouTubers) chosen by the fans.  They are a mix of singer/songwriters and fashion enthusiasts.  All day will be performances by pop music bands, dance music DJs and more.  As a staple to the festival, motivation speakers, advice & counselor tents and other positive role models will participate in this day's "YouChoose" theme.

Theme C is entitle "Era 2 Era" is dedicated to the adults.  The 80's era of music up to the current state of music will play from noon till close of the weekend.  It will invite parents and teachers to participate in this anti-bullying initiative in a way that speaks to them.  Re-introducing music and popular culture from those years will allow adults to remember the growing pains and what it was like for each of them as grade school students.

This anti-bullying festival will show that there is strength in numbers and that not only will bullying never be tolerated but that this unified movement can help change the behaviors of the bullies themselves. Collectively, we can save all of our children.

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Want to get a glimpse of what some of the campers are learning? No problem. Check back every now & again to see some exciting instagram pictures of us in action.




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